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The intention of Pure Love Earth is to empower individuals in their embodiment of Love through Self-discovery.  

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In Lak’ech Ala K’in (I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME)

~Traditional Mayan Greeting

As I live for me, I live for you. As you live for you, you live for me too. We are spirit weaving one with the other, and with earth our home, sacred and true. 


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Embodiment & Empowerment 

for Self-Evolution 

In our purest essence we are all L O V E.

To know our purest Love, we must have Self-Love. Discovering the Self is a journey of infinite bliss.

We are full of creative gifts, talents, & passions waiting to be opened up & explored. Some we may know of, others we may be interested to explore deeper, & some we may not be aware of or haven't felt empowered to discover them. These gifts are lying dormant, like singing, dancing, painting, or writing. These gifts are not just toys, they exist for our well-being, our mental, physical, & spiritual health. 

Self-Love is different for each individual and each person has something unique to offer. This program is about reaching into the Divine within and birthing forth love through creative channels. In doing this, a process of healing & awakening unfolds. Creative flow is a healthy expression of sexual energy, so it can be extremely healing & empowering as well.

When we choose Love for ourselves, every door is open that leads to what we need in our Self-evolution. When we help ourselves, we are also helping others. Like a drop that causes ripple in the water, so does our love vibrate through the ether and touch all creation. 

You are the love you have been searching for! 

WHO IS THIS PROGRAM FOR? This program is for anyone who is wanting to learn about Self-healing or interested in discovering & developing their "hidden" talents & abilities. It is especially helpful to people who have overcome addictions, trauma, depression, or have suffered in their mental health. If you are working on these things this program is for you as well. It will provide you with many skills and tools to use for your daily life. But truly, this program is open to anyone because our creative powers are infinite & so fun to explore!

HOW LONG IS THE PROGRAM? This is a 7-week program with one-on-one weekly calls, meditations, a weekly reflections worksheet, accountability assignments, a personalized 30-minute music playlist, & a customized talisman art piece. Single sessions of Art Therapy & Meditation are also available. 

HOW DO I IDENTIFY MY SELF-LOVE NEEDS? Trusting your intuition. Following your flow. 

Sometimes there is confusion on our wants and needs, from the inner or outer world. A shift in perspective can be helpful because when we are deep in our story we can't always see the bigger picture.

My gift is seeing the light & the big picture, the lessons of love. Sometimes it isn't easy to hear seemingly bad things happen for a good reason, but most of the time that's actually the case. I can help you identify your strengths in situations that have made you feel down and then transmute them by creative expression. I can do this because I've spent years doing this myself. Experience is the greatest teacher, but what I did in almost 7 years, you can do in 7-weeks.

WHAT IS HOLISTIC HEALTH? Caring for the WHOLE you - mental, physical, and spiritual needs. 

This program is focused on spiritual development, but as you develop the spirit the body & mind respond. Also, we will discover what are your daily habits from the moment you open your eyes to your last thought. Identifying & acknowledging habits that are NOT in harmony with the frequency of Love will debilitate them. It's like shining light on something that's been hiding, once it is seen and you know what it is, you have the power to control it.

WHAT IF I CANNOT AFFORD TO HELP MYSELF THE WAY I WANT? There will always be a means to receive what you need when you choose Love. Faith is a muscle too. You will strengthen this, attract, and manifest what is in alignment with your highest self.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation and will love helping you find a way to make this program work. I also have connections to tons of free resources. I promise to do my best to guide you in a direction of what will benefit you most, whether it's with me or someone else. The focus is on empowerment, and Pure Love. 

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