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PURE LOVE specializes in pearl jewelry and gifts for women who love Jesus


To spread the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus, and to strengthen the bond of love we have for the Lord by encouraging prayer and reading of the Word.

Pearls are used as a symbol of finding Jesus, who is the way to heaven.

About Pure Love

Along the coast of Mexico I met a woman selling pearls. She explained to me the process her family goes through to collect the pearls and make this beautiful jewelry. I felt compassion for her situation and I instantly became fascinated by the luster and simplicity of the pearls. That's where I bought my first strand. 

We continued working together; I would buy for others and brought her customers as well. I met her daughters, we became friends, and this passion to work with pearls began. 

I always think of the pearly gates of heaven described in Revelations 21:21 "And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made of a single pearl". I also remember the parable Jesus shared about the merchant in search of fine pearls. Although, the pearls themselves are beautiful, I find the symbolic meaning of the pearl even more special: The precious gift of Jesus, God's only son, and the meaning that He brings to our life. From that, I incorporated the pearl with my passion to share the gospel and Pure Love was born. 

My hope is that women who receive and wear a Pure Love gift remember the gift of Jesus.


About Me

My birth name is Danielle, but my friends around the world call me Mayah. It was a nickname given to me when I first started traveling and volunteering several years ago. It means "close to God" in Hebrew. I received my new name as a gift from God. 


In my years of traveling, I was on this journey seeking truth, love, and God. I had a willingness to change and desire in my heart to help others. But, in my brokenness, I needed help too. I was looking in many of the wrong places before I found my pearl, the treasure, the gift of Jesus. Now, my hope and prayer is that others find their way to our Lord and Savior. Each creation of Pure Love is prayed over and sales are used to support my current calling of missionary work and to support Hope Partners International in their amazing work around the world. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Blessed Love,

Mayah Danielle
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