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Mayah Danielle Perez

Artist & Creator of Pure Love Earth

The intention of Pure Love Earth is to empower individuals in their embodiment of Love through Self-discovery. 

Mayah was nearly 30 years of age when she began to discover her voice and passion for other arts. And growing up she had very little time in nature. She had spent years of her life caught up in the "normality" of American society, but her spirit kept telling her to "follow her heart". In doing so she returned to a deep connection with the earth & her creative energy. She is a testament that it is never too late to transform and no matter how dark it gets we can still embody the light and truth of our soul...Pure Love! 

All her life, Mayah was passionate about helping others, so she ventured to other countries and volunteered her time in the states. However, it wasn't until she began to love and heal herself that the world began to transform. She then discovered that she could transform her darkness into light, pain into beauty, & suffering into joy. She became an alchemist, artist, and healer. She trusts the essence of the earth as a teacher, healer, guide, & friend, and the intuition of her soul compass to guide her daily. 

She now offers her heart through her art, & intuitive guidance as a spiritual mentor to others seeking. Yet she believes we are all master & student. With awareness, faithfulness, and love we can tune into our optimal states of being at all times.

She believes the body is the temple of God's Love and is to be treated with the utmost care and nourishment which is why Self Love is valuable. She studied Sociology at the University of Missouri - St. Louis, which has helped her analyze the needs of the current society. She has also studied cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy with the shamanic drum, sound frequencies & healing, traditional Thai massage, Reiki, & theology. 

To know more about her personal story, check out her blog. 

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Heaven on Earth

We spread our wings and fly

We kiss the sky

Unapologetically, we shine

With our Love aligned

We are Divine

And when we walk upon the earth

We kiss some more

As we dance from shore to shore

Like a thread, we mend

What once was separate

Now is together again


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