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Girl On Fire

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

I was on fire! They even named me Mayah Fayah. Yet, it almost bothered me to be known as the hot girl. Like, that all I am? I'm just the hot girl in photos and the hot girlfriend? What was I doing with my life? I felt unfulfilled like I was just fitting into everyone else's mold of what looked good and what was good to do. I didn't want to hide in my fire or any more masks. I wanted to know all parts of me. I wanted to follow my heart. I wanted to tune into my soul and hear what calls to Me.

So that's what I did. I dove into the abyss of my being and explored the galaxy of Me. I stripped myself bare and I purged for years. There were so many things I had to let go of that were not Me - from destructive relationships with friends of many years, social media full of old obsessions, and drugs, to belief systems, music, fashion items, and even my hair and makeup. It was painful and challenging, but enlightening and awakening as well. As I let go of things that were no longer my vibrational match I noticed something life started filling up with things that I LOVE! I spent time with people that inspired me and admired me, I was able to visit beautiful places on the earth, and many other countries, dance, sing, and create. I was plunged into holy waters, bathed in fire, lived off pure air, and immersed in sacred soil. I penetrated my spirit and the ether in which it exists with intense nourishment and love. I was empowering myself, no one person, religion, or book was doing it for me. They were ALL part of the divine process. I just followed the way as it opened up. You could say my fire ignited a passion for self-discovery and self-love.

So who is Mayah? Well first let me tell you who I am not…

I am not the city or country where I was born

I am not a religion

I am not the color of my hair, eyes, or skin

I am not a prophet, belief, or creed

I am not a food that I eat

Nor a book that I read

I am not a prayer or mantra

I am not just the body that you see

I am not my job or profession

Nor a thing that I study

I am not the picture I create

I am not this poem that I write...

I am vast. I am many. I am all & all is Me

I am many lives, pages, poems, creations

I am many colors, many prayers, many styles, and variations

I am a new experience day by day

I am many words and things to say

I am an instrument of peace & light

I am an eye to Divine sight

I am living, breathing, being

I am exploring, understanding, hearing, seeing

I am tasting, touching, smelling, feeling

I am energy expanding

I am Love everlasting

I am open to what life will bring

I am open to new songs to sing

I am many beats & rhythms

I am many chants & hymns

I am music & the muse

I am a fire dance of passion, a fuse

I am water flowing through

I am earth growing new

I am air crisp & fresh

I am spirit on a quest

I am an adventure

I am MAYAH, beyond measure.

Put me in a box and it will break. Put me in a bubble and it will burst.

As you can see, I am not particular about labels, in the sense of defining myself or my future too much in one way. I love to be open, boundless, and free. Besides, how do I choose? Today I am a yogi, writer, musician, and dancer, but I am also much more. I am a native American princess, I am Earth Empress, I am Egyptian wisdom, I am a Lemurian ancestor, I am Spirit weaver, I am Light Warrior, I am Bruja Buena, I am Christ consciousness. I have had visions of what I will be grounding to Earth, in this lifetime, but truthfully life is mysterious and so am I.

Now what I'm going to share might seem cliché...but I just want to be an expression of pure love. After everything I've experienced in this life journey so far, its highs and lows, I feel that I would just like to be balanced, and wise enough to know how to offer the most loving part of myself at the appropriate time. I would love my life to be filled with fun, joy, pleasure, and ecstasy, yet I am very aware that it will also encompass many more aspects that could potentially be challenging, and these times will be for my growth.

My master plan to get to where I am going in life is to trust every step, & following my intuition. I accept and love myself as I am. I tune into what feels best for my mind, soul, and body. If there is something I need, I ask and I do receive - God knows and always answers me. I feel with a heart-centered clarity and trust my ancient compass. I keep myself clean and clear - no more drugs, no more alcohol, and no more meaningless relationships. My relationship with the earth, my house, and even my bank account and laptop are all meaningful. I value all that is in my presence. I am in a constant state of gratitude. I plant my intention of love into everything. My friendships are balanced, holding space to nurture me as I nurture the other, and I embrace the enlightening sexual experiences that are filled with soul connection and love. I no longer give into just any lust that this fire I carry with me attracts. I wait patiently for one who can handle my heat where we burn with passion in the most glorious way possible. Fire has to burn baby!

Written by Mayah Perez

September 8, 2022

Feel free to reach out! Thanks to Sovereign Sexuality for inspiring this blog post.

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