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Life Is An Embrace...Not A Race

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

What does love feel like? A simple way to explain this feeling is like a hug, like someone dear to you is holding you & caressing you. It's truly something we can't put into words but it's similar to a feeling of we are never alone, we are held, and supported in every moment. Yet, in our human experience, we often forget that. We turn to other people and things to satisfy feelings of love rather than the Self. Forgetting that we are an embodiment of love, literally in a constant embrace.

We tend to fall into pits of shame, doubt, anger, resentment, and sadness, and when we are deep in those dark places and negative emotions, we think that's it, that's life...I tried my best & I failed. But that certainly is not true. Everything is part of the shaping of the unique beautiful magical divine you - yes, even the dark, difficult moments.

What if we have to know hell to know heaven? So that we will never let ourselves go back to that place, and so we will care for the future versions of ourselves, the future generations, & the future of this earth planet. Contemplate this: If you only saw everything in perfect symmetry would you recognize its perfection? Or would you only appreciate it after seeing it in its imperfect state? We are perfectly imperfect for a divine purpose.

Maybe you have struggled with abusive relationships, drug use, alcoholism, or other addictions, just like me. Here's the catch...we are not victims! We agreed to this path because it would teach us something powerful and strengthen us for the well-being of ALL. Because we are ONE, and as I heal, so does my entire world. That is why self-care and self-love are so valuable.

Within us is a light that can never be put out, regardless of the situation, past or present. Compassion and love fuel this light. To have compassion for the self is the beginning of self-healing. The question is are you willing to make changes? Because like the caterpillar to the butterfly, you were made to transform.

Start with giving yourself a big hug today. Sit with you and love it! Be in silence, or with a pen and notebook, write, see, or just feel - "WHY I LOVE ME". Dance, sing, shout, paint, and play with that emotion. Take a step forward into the evolution of your love. In our purest essence, we are all love.

How, when, where, or with whom we discover the truth of our love embodiment is not important. There is no competition with another because it was never a race!


There is a love I have found

But you will never guess with who

It is time I just tell you...

It is God, who is Life itself and shines in waters, wind, fire, and earth

It is this love I have known since before my birth

The life illuminating through every single created being

That makes our soul alive and feeling

Love that radiates through eyes and smiles

and moments that are blissfully wild

It is peace day and night and comfort after the fright

It is God, it is Pure Love pulling and pushing me between land, sky, and sea

That guides me and carries me where, when, and how I am called to be

It is Love, a feeling that can never truly be put into words

It is the joy that brings tears to the eyes

It is long hugs and knowing there are never goodbyes

It is sinking into the earth and continuous rebirth

It is life again and again and seeing all as your friend

This is my love, the Absolute, Infinite, Eternal without beginning or end

It is Me, connected as above so below

embracing all that I see and what is still unknown

Written by Mayah Perez

September 8, 2022

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